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What is AikidoDay?

Aikido Day (aka International Aikido Day or National Aikido Day) is a celebratory day of events to highlight the martial art of Aikido. We hope that December 14th can be a day of celebration among all Aikidoists and draw in new practitioners to the art.   

Why December 14th?

Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) was a Japanese martial artist and founder of Aikido. His birthday is December 14th and the day we chose to celebrate Aikido.

Every time we get on the mat to practice Aikido we celebrate O’Sensei’s gift to us. Aikido Day is a chance to share Aikido with the world. We encourage everyone to participate from those who have just heard of the art to those who have been practicing for decades.

Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei)
Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei)

What is Aikido?


Aikido is a martial art that teaches you to defend yourself against an opponent of any size and strength through the use of smooth, fluid, circular movements. It emphasizes blending with and redirecting an opponent’s force rather than meeting it head-on. Students learn how to resolve conflict of any kind in a non-destructive, effective manner.

Aikido incorporates a comprehensive system of throws, joint locks, pins, and pressure points. Weapons training is incorporated to demonstrate specific principles.

Lessons go beyond learning self-defense and physical fitness; students also develop character qualities and values such as self-confidence, discipline, and a greater sense of self-determination and empowerment.

New to Aikido?

If you’re new to Aikido and are interested in learning more, find an Aikido dojo near you and inquire about classes and their participation in #AikidoDay2021. Follow and participate in the #AikidoDay2021 social media events (see below).

If you’re local to our Scottsdale, Arizona, USA dojo, we’d love to have you. Please join us for a “No sweat intro” class.

Practicing Aikidoka (practitioners of Aikido)

Use this day to think about your practice on and off the mat. If your dojo has practice on Aikido Day be sure to show up. You can also show your love of Aikido by participating in #AikidoDay2021 social media events and local dojo activities. Be sure to give your dojo a shoutout with the #AikiDojo hashtag and see what other social media events you can participate in (see below).


Dojos and Organizations

We encourage you to signup your dojo or other Aikido related organizations as an #AikidoDay2021 contributor. Fill out this form to have your dojo or Aikido organization recognized as a participant in #AikidoDay2021. See below for all the participating dojos and organizations.

Social Media Events

#WhyAikido Balance and Health
#WhyAikido Balance and Health

#AikidoDay2021 is the official hashtag of Aikido Day on December 14th 2021. Include the hashtag on all Aikido-related posts on December 14th along with any other hashtags related to the post. Be sure to tag your dojo and @AikidoofScottsdale.

  • Post images or videos of you and your fellow students and sensei practicing Aikido using #AikidoDay2021.
  • Posts and videos of you talking about why you practice Aikido with the #WhyAikido hashtag.
  • Videos of you showing off your dojo with the #AikiDojo hashtag.

Follow Aikido of Scottsdale on Instagram and Facebook for #AikidoDay2021 posts.

Participating Dojos and Organizations: