New to Martial Arts? Welcome!

What if I am new to martial arts?

Whether you’re here for self-defense, fitness, or a new adventure, know that you’ve taken a powerful step.

No matter your age or fitness level, you’re in the right place to discover strengths you never knew you had. From self-defense to building a stronger healthier body and mind, Aikido of Scottsdale can helps you elevate and enrich your life in many ways!

What can I expect?

Students have a great work out and have fun training together in a safe and friendly environment where you’re helped and encouraged every step of the way. You’ll make new friends and achieve skills you never thought possible. Plus, you’ll not only learn self-protection, but achieve greater levels of health and fitness; such as weight loss, boosted energy levels, enhanced flexibility, and increased muscle strength.

Why Aikido of Scottsdale?

As chief instructor, my background brings:

45 years of Aikido training, holding a 7th-degree black belt

We aim for you to grasp both the ‘why and how’ in your training. Understanding the ‘why’ behind a technique develops a more instinctive reflex and becomes a natural part of you, instead of just memorizing it. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you every step of the way, resulting in profound changes that will enrich every facet of your life.

Extensive experience in personal protection and security.

guarantees professional instruction of the highest caliber. Aikido of Scottsdale is a clean, beautiful and spacious 4,000 sq. ft. dojo. We prioritize the health and safety of our members by maintaining a pristine environment through diligent cleaning and sanitizing. Hand sanitizing stations are also conveniently located. Beyond the physical space, Aikido of Scottsdale embraces a set of core values that transcends mere training. We’re not just a dojo; we’re a family of members who together support and encourage each other on our individual paths of training.

Three decades as a licensed physical therapist, specializing in athletic performance,

Together, we celebrate achievements, overcome challenges, and inspire each other to reach new heights. We have fun training together and form lasting connections and friendships that extend beyond the training.

My unique approach integrates the practicality of Aikido with a deep understanding of physical function and well-being making training safer, more effective, and meaningful.

The art of Aikido focuses on the principles of blending, redirecting, and controlling attacks rather than directly confronting them with strikes or blocks. This approach, which becomes a way of life, is a distinctive method for resolving conflicts. Its value extends beyond self-defense, as Aikido training fosters mental resilience, ensuring calmness and composure in high-pressure situations. This holistic approach extends benefits beyond the dojo, promoting mindfulness, focus, and overall resilience that prove invaluable in navigating life challenges.

Come join us for a great workout, new friends, and a healthier life!

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